Open for large bookings (15 players or more)

We are taking large bookings at the Old Biscuit Mill, and we can bring VR to your venue or corporate event. To make a booking request, please email

or phone us at 021 448 9864.

We’ll take smaller bookings again once we move. Watch this space.

About VRCade

VRCade takes you into other worlds. VRCade is South Africa’s premiere virtual reality hub, where you can experience cutting-edge virtual reality entertainment.

Play virtual reality games, and have virtual reality experiences by the hour. VRCade gives everyone the chance to experience the ultimate in gaming and immersion without the large setup costs and space requirements.

Step Into Another Reality

Reality can be overrated, rising rent prices and all the day-to-day stress adds up – it’s no surprise that we want to escape sometimes. But while jetting off to a tropical island to swim with whales or strapping yourself into a rally car to unleash your tension in a crazy race might not be feasible, spending an hour or two at VRCade is. Africa’s first social virtual reality arcade awaits.

Housed at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, VRCade has all the social atmosphere of an old-school arcade, with cutting-edge gaming technology that immerses you and your friends in another dimension. Some famous person said that another world is possible (or something like that) if you just open your eyes; here, that’s actually true.

Immersive Worlds at VRCade Virtual Reality Arcade Cape Town
Experience Virtual Reality at VRCade Virtual Reality Arcade Cape Town

Lose yourself in VR

Virtual Reality has to be experienced: it cannot be described.

It lets you step into other worlds. Swim with whales, journey within the human body, battle zombies, climb mountains, race rally cars, have massive multiplayer shoot-outs, fly through outer space, or fight side by side with light sabres. These are just a few examples of the experiences that await you.

Strap on one of VRCade’s Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headsets (imported from the United States) and get ready for the experience of your life! You’re not playing a game from afar – you’re in it. Got beef with some zombies? Go sort it out with them. Keen to try your hand at a game of  Cyberpong? Now’s your chance. Issues with a friend? We’ll kit you out with virtual light sabres and let you resolve that conflict in the ring. More into a solo coaster experience? Hold onto your hair – we’ve got just the ride. How about a relaxing cruise through an enchanting universe, or some lessons on the stars? Or maybe a wild shooting spree on a hovercraft to de-stress?

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to try VR yourself, but you’re keen to come along and see what your friend is experiencing in their game environment? You can watch players from their point of view on special TV screens we’ve got set up for that purpose. You can also opt to get more involved through our brand-new mixed-reality green screens.

There’s something for everyone at VRCade. We welcome kids aged seven and up, single players, groups and corporate outings. Tell us what kind of VR experience you’re after, and we’ll arrange it for you.

Single player / multiplayer (per station)

Play alone or deathmatch / co-op with friends!

R250 for the first hour; R200 for the second hour; R150 for every subsequent hour.

Short on time? R150 per half hour / R100 per 15 minutes

In Cape Town, we have six stations running right now!

Events, birthday parties and corporate bookings

R250 for the first hour; R200 for the second hour; R150 for every subsequent hour.

We do birthday parties, corporate events, and groups.  Prices per VR station.  Contact us here for more information.


Unfortunately the virtual reality content and gear is not suitable for children under 7 years of age 🙁  

Anyone seven years and older is welcome.